Technology Services

Technology Services handles all hardware and network needs of all County departments. The division operates a call center for employee technical support, maintains the County’s centralized data center, provides 24 hour on-call support for two emergency dispatch centers, and oversees the County’s disaster readiness stance relative to data and technology resources. The division provides ongoing strategic support of the other division’s efforts. The division consists of a Manager, a Technical Services Supervisor, a helpdesk technician, two hardware technicians, and two system administrators.

Tech Service Projects

  • Installation of Data Storage System - Ongoing
  • Planning Stages of Adding to County WiFi Footprint - Ongoing
  • Assisting in Moving CCRC Software to Cloud Hosted System - Ongoing
  • Assisting with EMS CAD Software Transition - Ongoing
  • Working with CWC Vendor for Savin/Vine Program - Ongoing
  • State VPN for County Clerk - Configuration Changes - Ongoing.
  • System Changes for Chancery Court Software - Ongoing
  • Computer Hardware Upgrade - Ongoing
  • Firewall Replacement/Upgrade - Ongoing
  • Replacement of Data Circuits in Outlying buildings - Ongoing
  • Server Chasis Upgrade - Ongoing
  • Pre-planning of OIT items in new Justice Center construction.  Ongoing
  • Lytle Street Construction Fiber Route discussions are continuing.

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