Software Services

Responsibilities of the Software Services division include design and maintenance of some 40 databases stationed throughout the County as well as the County’s web and social media presence. The applications handle a wide array of functions ranging from financial applications to two dispatch systems. Web services works closely with all County departments to develop and maintain their respective websites and social media outlets. The division consists of a coordinator, programmer and a webmaster/graphics designer.

Software Projects

  • New Rutherford County Website
  • JDC SQL Server replacement
  • Domestic Violence Conversion
  • Tax Billing Wrap Up
  • Conversion from Attendance to Attendance on Demand Timekeeping System (Completed)
  • Building Codes Development Tax Receipt Database
  • Probation and Recovery Services Database Recreation (?)
  • PAWS SQL Server Conversion
  • Replacement of main SQL server with new SQL5
  • Nationwide File for Retirement Benefits (Finance)
  • E-Paystub calls received (September): 47
  • Building Inspections Application for Building Codes (Completed)
  • Probation Payment Plan (Completed)
  • Balanced Scorecard Website (Testing)
  • Conversion of Access Databases (Example: Drug Court, Budget)

  • Planning Permits Application

  • Fire and Rescue Site - waiting on information from Chief Larry 
  • Building blog for Archives
  • Election poll worker training pages and graphics
  • Trustee print css
  • Purchasing site for Mayor's Office
  • Sharepoint for Commission Meetings
  • Social Media Management
  • Health Website - Slow trickle of content coming in 
  • Judicial Building coverage

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