Communications Management

The Communications Management arm of OIT is primarily responsible for operation of the County’s government access cable channel. The division televises all County Commission and committee meetings, as well as Board of Education meetings. They oversee and encourage integration of converged technologies like video devices and voice communication. Communications Management has an awareness of and role in planning radio communications and cellular communications as well. The division consists of a manager, a video services technician and several part-time video techs.

Communications Projects

  • Working on History of Taxation video for the Property Assessor’s Office
  • Working on Rutherford County Magazine topics.
  • Working on Appspace upgrades to local server.
  • Completed English & Spanish translation video for booking at the Rutherford County Workhouse.v
  • Completed HD security camera installs at the 303 North Church Street.
  • Completed the installation of a video production studio in the Mezzanine of the Goldstein Office Building.

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